Sunday, September 3, 2017

Rubric for Science Grades

Rubric for Science Grades:

How to earn a “3 or 4” in Content:
A.    Have accurate and thoroughly explained written work
B.    Respond to oral questions accurately
C.    Engage in thoughtful discussions (whole-class and group)
D.   Score well on individual assessments
How to earn a “3 or 4” in Effort:
E.    Be an active participant both in whole class and small table discussions. This includes:
o   Sharing experiences & knowledge relevant to the topic of discussion
o   Asking questions
o   Using sign language to show agreement (or disagreement)
o   Using body language that shows engagement
F.    Have complete written work. This includes:
o   Lab sheets  (If you do not finish, do you find time to complete it?)
o   Make necessary corrections to places on written work where I’ve asked you to revisit.
G.    Exhibit on-task behavior. This includes:
o   Being an active listener (with eye contact given and voice off)
o   Listening and following directions the first time they are given
o   Refraining from being distracted by people, things & daydreams
o   Not doodling on folder ever. Not doodling on lab sheets (unless it is topic-related doodling and it’s 100% clear you can do it and still pay attention)
o   Not having behavior issues
H.   Be neat & organized. This includes:
o   Keeping lab sheets on the right hand side headed  & in numerical order (most recent on top with lab number in upper right corner)
o   Having legible handwriting; erasing mistakes, not just writing over top of them
I.      Be a cooperative team player. This includes:
o   Having a positive attitude
o   Sharing responsibilities & materials
o   Being kind to your table mates
J.      Work to accomplish your goals – show me/tell me how you’re making these efforts – place in mailbox
K.    Visit and spend time reading, checking out links & studying content.
L.    Do extra investigations/research at home and bring in results/proof to share with class.
M.  Read up on Science-related current events & come prepared to summarize to the class.

To get a “3” you need to accomplish the majority of these.
To get a “4” you need to accomplish most ALL of these.