Saturday, September 2, 2017

What goals are you working on?


  Possible Science Goals:
   Suggestions for Ways to Achieve This:
    Participate more
·      Raise my hand (and get called on) (at least ___ X per class).
·      Talk in my group/partnership every time (and go first).
    Give thorough written work
·      Use all the spaces given.
·      Once I think I’m done, write 1 more sentence to summarize.
·      Re-read work to make sure it’s complete.
·      Include sketch/diagram to further explain written words.
    Work to better understand the content

·      Go onto & study content (__ X per week).
·      Research content to understand it better (__ min/week).
·      Do investigations at home related to content & share (__x/month).
·      Ask to have items copied from folder to study at home (__min/week).

    Pay better attention

·      Don’t put my head on the table; improve body language.
·      Always give eye contact to speaker; lean in.
·      Don’t talk while others are talking.
·      Repeat whatever has been said silently to self as a way to clarify and solidify.
·      Work to follow direction the FIRST time they are given.
·      Use “I agree” signal at least (__ X per class).
·      Never doodle if I’m one that can’t pay attention at same time.
·      Never have materials in hand if not permitted. Clasp hands.
    Be neat and organized

·      Always write in print (or whatever is neatest).
·      Always erase mistakes – never simply write over it.
·      Double check at the end of every class that my papers are properly headed and in order and my folder is neat.
    Be a cooperative team player
·      Show active listening skills - eye contact & body language.
·      Don’t be the first one to speak up during Turn & Talk.
·      Share responsibilities - including clean-up tasks.
·      Focus on using kind language & manners.
    Encourage peers to do great work
·      Encourage deeper discussions. Ask peers, “Why?”
·      Compliment peers’ ideas; give positive reinforcements.
·      Know your peers’ goals and do something specific daily to help them be successful.
    Go “above and beyond”

·      Do investigations at home (__ X per week/month) & share.
·      Research a science topic (__ X per week/month) & share.
·      Bring in a current event (__ X per week/month) & share.
·      Browse (__ X per week/month) & share. 
  Other ways to achieve your goals:
·      Tell people your goals so they can encourage you to be successful.
·      Write yourself post-it reminders or keep a calendar to mark off when you’ve been successful.
      Attention all 5th graders: Write on a small piece paper your name, your class and your goal and tell me how you're working to achieve it. Then put it in my mailbox to earn a mystery microscope slip!